B2B Blood Drive Challenge

Get the word out and encourage your company to rally behind you!


Below are some downloadable tools that can help you spread the word on what you’re doing and how people can get involved. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #B2BChallengeSA on your posts!



Download one of the following flyers and have every department post it in a prominent spot. Encourage your team leads to distribute them, either printed or via email, their departments as well. 

Email Template

Insert this image into your email and spread the word to encourage people to sign up and represent your company.

  • Insert the image into the body of your email.

  • Once it appears in the Body, click on it to highlight it, and then click on the "Link" option to make the image a hyperlink.

  • That will open up a window where you can insert this URL: https://b2bchallenge.org/schedule/

  • 'Save' and send the email to the people you want to sign up for your drive!

3 Social Media Graphics

These images are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram friendly. Download them and post them to your company timelines. Encourage team members to sign up to donate blood.